Secular scores

Please feel free to download and try out the following pieces with your choir:

Composer Title
Anon How stands the glass around
Anon Die Lorelei
Arne Which is the properest day to drink?
Barnby Sweet and low
Bateson If love be blind
Bateson Phyllis, farewell
Beckwith The poor soul sat sighing
Beethoven Ode to joy
Bennet Come, shepherds, follow me
Bortniansky Kol' slaven
Bortniansky Mnogaya leta
Bridge The bee
Bull? God save the Queen
Coleridge-Taylor Summer is gone
Dalayrac Hymne de l'Empire
Delius An den Sonnenschein
Delius Durch den Wald
Delius Frühlingsanbruch
Delius Sonnenscheinlied
Dowland Come again
Dowland Now, o now, I needs must part
Dowland Say, love
Dowland Wilt thou, unkind
East Poor is the life F minor
East Poor is the life G minor
Edwards In going to my naked bed
Elgar Song of liberty
Elgar There is sweet music
Farmer Fair Phyllis I saw
Farnaby The curtain drawn
Farrar To daffodils
Foster Old folks at home
Gay Fill ev'ry glass
German My bonnie lass she smileth
German O peaceful England
Glinka Slav'sya
Haydn German national anthem
Holst Lisa Lân
Holst Mae 'nghariadd i'n Fenws
James Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
Johnson Full fathom five
Johnson Where the bee sucks
Macfarren Orpheus, with his lute
Macfarren When daisies pied
Morley April is in my mistress' face
Morley Fyer, fyer!
Morley In every place
Morley It was a lover
Morley My bonny lass she smileth
Morley Now is the month of maying
Morley Now is the gentle season
Morley Sing we and chant it
Parry You gentle nymphs
Pearsall Lay a garland
Pilkington Amyntas with his Phyllis fair
Pilkington Go, you skipping kids and fawns
Pilkington Have I found her?
Pilkington Rest, sweet nymphs
Purcell Come away, fellow sailors
Purcell Wine in a morning
Ravenscroft In the merry spring
Shield Poor Barbara D major
Shield Poor Barbara E flat major
Stafford Smith The star-spangled banner
Stanford Diaphenia
Stanford Quick, we have but a second
Stanford Shall we go dance?
Stanford The blue bird
Stanford The haven
Stanford When Mary through the garden went
Stevens Doubt thou the stars are fire
Stevens Ye spotted snakes
Tomkins O yes! has any found a lad?
Tomkins To the shady woods
Verbytsky National Anthem of Ukraine (unofficial transliteration)
Weelkes The ape, the monkey and baboon (A minor)
Weelkes The ape, the monkey and baboon (D minor)
Weelkes Unto our flocks sweet Corolus (G minor)
Weelkes Unto our flocks sweet Corolus (F minor)
Wilbye Adieu, sweet Amaryllis
Wilbye Flora gave me fairest flowers
Wilbye Lady, when I behold
Wood A Century's Penultimate
Wood Full fathom five
Wood Hark! hark! the soft bugle
Wood The Hemlock Tree
Wood Jack and Joan
Wood Nights of music
Wood Wanderer's Night Song